Services and Pricing

Personalized Employment Services

We Offer Three Tier Systems:

All Systems Include:

Discovery/Career Exploration: “Get to Know You Phase”

Professional Portfolio: “Build You Up Phase”

Personalized Marketing Plan: “Make You Shine Phase”

Personalized Job Development: “Listening to You Phase”

Personalized Style Coaching: “Dress for Success Phase”

Job Placement: “The Finish Line Phase”

Tier 1 Service

is for First Time Job Seekers 0-35K (General Job Development)

Tier 2 Service

is for New Managers/Mid Level Managers/Industry Specific Positions (More Targeted Job Development) 35K-70K

Tier 3 Service

is for Executives 70K+ (Relational Job Development)


Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

There are many services we provide in conjunction with our VR Provider contract. From basic job coaching, to in-depth discovery and work assessments, Vanguard Employment Services has the tools you need to get that meaningful employment opportunity!

Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB)

Our partnership with OCB is similar to our VR partnership, but the methods change slightly. Working with people who experience various levels of vision impairment doesn’t change their ability to be a valuable addition to any employer. Let our experience be the difference for you in your employment journey.

Veterans Affairs Administration (VA)

The impetus of starting this company was to be able to serve Veterans with disabilities along with other people who experience a barrier to employment. We understand the sacrifice that you have made for our country and we want to be able to help you break down any barriers to finding the right career path.

Business Services:

Business Services: Contact or fill out the form on the contact page. Click here to go to the contact page now.


Personalized Employment Services

Vanguard Employment Services (VES) works directly with job seekers to find a career path. By the end of this process they will have the tools and professional support to get them onto a career path.  Our customizable three tier system is flexible and easy to navigate. The Vanguard Employment Services Team is ready to work for you!


Vocational Rehabilitation,
Oregon Commission for the Blind

Vanguard Employment Services (VES) are a credentialed Vendor partner with these State  Agencies. We work in tandem with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRC’s) and other local support providers to create unique and appropriate employment opportunities.



Business Services

Vanguard Employment Services (VES) prides itself in working with Businesses of all shapes and  sizes. We have several business service(s) options to help increase efficiency, hire and train staff, promote inclusion and diversity, and increase profit margins. We can provide training to help businesses meet both their short and long term goals.