Frequently asked questions

What does Vanguard Employment Services really do?

We take the time to get to know you, your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Then we look for the right fit, environment, and culture to help create an employment opportunity for you.

Why should I pay for something that I can do myself?

You are not paying us to get you a job. You are paying for us to take the time to get to know you, so we can help you find a job where you fit in, feel valued, and can be productive, allowing you to earn more, grow, and feel a sense of belonging.

What qualifications does Vanguard Employment Services have that other head hunters do not?

Firstly, we’re not traditional head hunters. Head hunters specifically look for the right match based on metrics. Metrics are great, but don’t factor in culture, or natural supports (i.e. Co-workers). We look at the whole picture, and have a reputation with employers and clients for going the extra mile.

Millenials will never pay for your service!

Millenials are smart enough to know that it does not hurt to have someone in your corner during your employment search. We get it, we have worked in these tough labor markets where every job seems to be entry level, and very little opportunity for advancement. Vanguard Employment Services can bridge that gap.

I heard you only focus on people with disabilities, is that true?

While you heard correctly, we do help people with disabilities, we also help anyone who presents a barrier to employment. We help mothers coming back to the work force after an extended time away, people of various ethnic backgrounds who want an opportunity but need to get past the gate keeper, or simply someone who wants to work but has a hard time putting themselves out there in the job market. We want to help everyone get a job because we believe that everyone should be able to work.

Are you hiring?

While we are looking to hire eventually, we are not currently hiring. Keep checking in if you would like to work for Vanguard Employment Services NW!