Hello, Troy here, CEO of Vanguard Business Services. If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you are looking for solutions. You run a business, and everything that comes with it. Sometimes you are flush with capital, sometimes, you are squeezing by, hoping to make salary for the month.

That’s where I can help. Sometimes, all your business needs is a fresh set of eyes, and a business mind wiling to look for cause and effect. I work with businesses of all sizes, finding places they can save money, increase efficiency, and bolster morale. What would it be worth for your company to save ten thousand dollars a year? A hundred thousand dollars a year?¬†

Our base package starts at $2,000. I will come into your company and dedicate a minimum of eight hours for an in depth review, and determine where you can save money. On average our clients save roughly $50,000 a year by implementing our suggested  strategies.

Here’s the kicker. If you are willing to hire an individual with a barrier to employment, like a physical or developmental disability, language barrier, or social barrier, then this service will be FREE. What that means is that you will save money on running your business, increase efficiency, and be able to hire an individual who has an amazing set of skills they are ready to put to use for you!

As a Business Person, you have a lot of responsibility, and your goal is to make ends meet, increase your return on investment, and stay in the black. Let Vanguard Employment Services takes some stress off and move your needle forward!