About Vanguard Employment Services

Vanguard Employment Services NW (VESNW) is located in Portland Oregon, and serves Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our mission is to help create meaningful jobs for anyone who experiences a barrier to employment. We believe that everyone who wants to work, should be able to work. We see what skills people have and help translate those skills into tangible work opportunities. Our Employer Partners are eager to hire qualified candidates supported through the industry knowledge, integrity, character, and passion of the VES NW team.

Our Employment Team


Troy Rulmyr

CEO-Business Analyst & Outreach Specialist

Having created over 1,000 jobs in the Portland Metro area, Troy is an expert on interfacing with local businesses and identifying meaningful employment opportunities. The Employer Partner Network he has created is a resource unique to Vanguard Employment Services!


Ryan Hall

Chief Operations Officer-Client Relations Director

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has given Ryan an elite edge in helping job seekers identify their true calling. His ability to get to the heart of what people want makes him a vital part of the Vanguard Employment Team! He takes the time to listen, and it translates to viable opportunities!